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Do Termites Fly?
April 13, 2017 by Conquer Termites - Brisbane South Central

A winged termite (alate).

Mature termite colonies will periodically produce winged male and female termites, usually during times of increased temperature and humidity. These winged termites breed, shed their wings and become the kings and queens of new termite colonies. These winged termites are called alates. Swarms of winged termites are indicative of a mature colony nearby and are usually the first sign that a termite infestation has occurred in your home.

Once a male and female alate has found a suitable location, they will start a new colony. In some species the female can lay over 30,000 eggs per day. In the early stages of the new colony, it is vulnerable and usually goes unnoticed, but over time it becomes stable and can cause serious damage to your home as the termites feed. Usually termite colonies are discovered once they are already established and have infested your homes vulnerable structures, therefore it is important to be vigilant and schedule regular termite inspections to catch termite colonies before they become mature.

To prevent termite colonies from establishing in your home you should:

  • Remove excess lumber and dead trees stumps from around the structures of your home

  • Don't allow the buildup of moisture in or around your home

  • Install termite barriers

  • Avoid having mulch in contact with the foundations of your home

  • Regularly check the outside of your home for mud tunnels and damaged wood

  • Schedule regular professional termite inspections

Catching termite colonies before they are established is critical to preventing termite damage to your home. You should schedule regular professional termite inspections to stop termite infestations before they occur.

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