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Termite Inspection – Browns Plains

So often we get caught up in the day to day grind, going to work, cooking meals, looking after children or loved ones. Sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses or check for termites as may be the case in this story. It’s no easy feat owning and maintaining a house these days, with renovations,… [Continue Reading]

Termite mudding up brick wall

Termite Inspection – Mt Warren Park – Termites Attack From All Sides

Termite Inspection – Mount Warren Park              Call Nick on 3343 3934 Conquer Termites received an online enquiry from a worried customer wanting a full termite inspection in Mount Warren Park as he thought he had just found live termites inside his house. As soon as we received the enquiry… [Continue Reading]

Termites ate the window frame making the curtain fall down

Termite Inspection – Browns Plains – Thermal Camera Finds Huge Nest

Termite Inspection – Browns Plains It was a fine Sunday afternoon when we received a call from a worried customer in Browns Plains who knew they had termites inside the house and was happy to book a full termite inspection for Monday morning. The customer showed us where the white ants had entered the house… [Continue Reading]

Timbers stored next to garage in Browns Plains

Termite Inspection – Regents Park – Curtains Fall Down

Termite Inspection – Regents Park As the heading says the home owner in Regents Park did not realise he had termites attacking his window frame until he came home from work and found his whole curtain had fallen down. He than rang Conquer Termites to conduct a full termite inspection of his house in Regents… [Continue Reading]

Termites make curtains fall down

Termite Inspection – Heritage Park

Termite Inspection – Heritage Park If you are a home owner in Heritage Park and it has been awhile since your last termite inspection you should call Conquer Termites on 3343 3934. We specialise in all termite work such as termite inspections, termite treatments and termite protection. We use the best technology to find termites… [Continue Reading]

Termite Inspection - Heritage Park